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High Amps​

Up to a groundbreaking 30-amp endurance, doubling the 15-amp industry norm! This is not just a feature; it’s a leap into unmatched performance and efficiency. The magic lies in our custom-blended, high-endurance brushes and hyper-optimized coil and structure design. What does this mean for you? Expect lightning-fast water extraction, unbeatable longevity, and the versatility to tackle any cleaning challenge.

Water-proof Bearing

World-class waterproof bearings! We’ve cracked the code with our ingeniously designed isolated bearing sleeves and multiple layers of grease protection. Say goodbye to bearing failures due to grease washing out! What’s in it for you? Longevity skyrockets, while downtime and maintenance costs plummet. This isn’t just a feature, it’s your secret weapon for relentless efficiency and unparalleled durability.

Quality Control

Each and every MEXO motor undergoes stringent quality control, including rotor dynamic balance, power and current checks, overspeed and dielectric tests, and air performance assessments. We’re not cutting corners; we’re setting the gold standard! Why does this matter for you? Expect an elite machine that delivers consistent, top-notch performance, and durability. Reduced faults mean less downtime, fewer repair costs, and sky-high confidence in your operation.


OEM & ODM capabilities! We’re not just providing a product; we’re offering a tailor-made solution designed to meet your unique needs. What’s the game-changer here? Flexibility and competitive edge! By choosing MEXO’s OEM or ODM services, you can tweak product specifications, include your branding, and create something that perfectly aligns with your market strategy. That means faster time-to-market, better cost control, and a product that’s genuinely yours.

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"Thrilled with MEXO's vacuum motors for our floor scrubber - exceptional quality, performance, and reliability. A superb choice for our production."
Waley Antti
"Extremely satisfied with MEXO's vacuum motors for our after-sales service. Excellent replacement for imported units, delivering outstanding results and reliability!"
Hobbard Deibert
CEO of Service Company
"I had a great experience purchasing a vacuum motor from Mexomotor. I would highly recommend Mexomotor to anyone in need of vacuum motor."
Rivin Pu
Purchase Manager



MEXO MOTOR can provide customized samples based on your power, voltage, vacuum, and style requirements.

MEXO MOTOR‘s minimum order quantity is 200 pieces for normal brush motor. And brushless motor MOQ is 50 pieces.

MEXO MOTOR can be customized for most major international brands of floor scrubbers and industrial vacuum cleaners. If you provide us with the necessary parameters, we can customize the motor for you

For brush motors, our warranty period is 12 months after installation. ( Acoording to specific carbon brush consumption situation, guaranteed for 1,000 Hours Operation, and 24hours continuous operation).

MEXO MOTOR can provide spare parts, including carbon brushes and others.

For example, for an order of 500 motors, once the specifications are confirmed, MEXO MOTOR can complete production within one week.


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